Hello world!

My name is Todd and I wanted to introduce my self briefly, as well as introduce DeViant Financial. I am from Tucson, Arizona where it is hot every day and people carry around fluids by the gallon. This temperature definitely helps one to learn to take and thrive in the heat of the moment . (pun intended) I have been married for 26 yrs to a wonderfully supportive wife, two adult children and 2 1/2 grandbabies . I have had two careers one in hospitality management and the other in Health care as a nurse. while both of those were rewarding in their own ways. A Nursing career is very rewarding since your the front line of support for people in their most challenging moments but the liability of being that support started to outweigh benefits. Hospitality on the other hand has decent financial benefits but it costs you greatly in the hours you have to enjoy that benefit. After working 60 + hours a week for more weeks than I care to remember and after worrying for the thousandth time what regulatory changes were going to make caring for my patients in a safe and caring way near in possible. It was time find out what options were available. With Age come hopefully comes wisdom as such I have realized several important points of view that are shaping what options I dedicate time to looking at exploring. 1. Time is of utmost importance, we all only have a set number of hours to get done what we are here to do, so I don’t plan on wasting it chasing ideas that don’t profit me in my other areas of importance. 2. If the option doesn’t contribute in some way to have a positive impact in the life of others it not an option 3. Money is important, without hardly anything will get done but people are of greater importance they should be a company’s greatest resource. 4. doo things in such a way that you leave a legacy for future generations to to benefit and be challenged by, That search brought me here, well not initially to steemit but to the exciting and profitable world of cryptocurrency.

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