DeViants will change the world!

DeViant Financial, Wisdom put into practice. In society the term Deviant generally has negative terms or means associated with it. But DeViant Financial hopes to give fresh light to the term and to the associations that people tend to make from it. Deviant at is basic meaning is “outside the norm”. We aren’t fully satisfied with that
either because DeViant Financial thrives on pushing the boundaries and smashing assumptions to make things so far outside the norm that when we look back we can even see traces of the norm ever existing. Well at least that is where we want to take this business interest. We will have successes and some failures along the way. But both are just a bi product of process that is involved in taking something normal and making it DeViant to the point that we are able to label it an overall success. DeViant attributes, products and even the principle it self will have to be measurable and be able to be quantified so that when present to others the effectiveness of The DeViant approach can be seen and appreciated.

DeViant Financial is in the perfect space to find, cultivate, and bring profit to all that are involved with it. That perfect space that DeViant Financial finds itself, Crypto Space. At no other time in history would the world have been ready to accept what benefits DeViant Financial and our belief in the DeViant principle has to offer. It is only now as we stand at the beginnings of what some may deem the rising of the decentralized society. At no other time have human said enough and acted in ways that are going to the world and rewrite the way everything is done from shopping to voting to driving your car (actually the way you car drives your car) and this is global. We’ve seen regional upheaval but we have never seen upheaval and transformations as we will see in the next decade{doubt it takes half that long}

What is it that DeViant Financial will have to offer? We at DeViant Financial will be dedicated to ensuring that we look at and for products that truly exhibit deviant characteristics, we will review teams and leaders for that essential deviant attitude, we will model DeViant principles in the way that we treat customers, staff, partners and everyone in our lives . It is by doing so that we will find success for the company, the investor and for ourselves.

Lastly, DeViant financial will become a place for people to meet, discuss, and work out ways for this principle to permeate everything worth having. assessment devices, training opportunities and systems will be produced and made available to make this happen.

I hope you will watch for further articles that introduce some of the items that we believe meet this principle and further info on finding, cultivating and profiting in DeViant financial. May all you dealing prosper.

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